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Thoughts on human approaches to God

Giving the devil too much credit

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Had some contact recently with a person who exemplifies one half of a disturbing dichotomy that is rising among church members.This person was nearly fixated on the devil as the cause of everything that went wrong, both in their own life and in everyone else’s. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised by this attitude; […]

An Endorsement

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Went out to see Josh McDowell speak Thursday night. Have to admit a little trepidation: listening to one man speak for three hours can be daunting. But the time flew; the man is good at what he does. He spoke of a thing he calls Relationship Apologetics, the main idea of which is that it’s […]

What got left out?

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I’m going to start getting into this topic a bit more, because, frankly, I’m tired of hearing about it from the mushy-minded who believe everything they’re told, as long as it’s derogative of the Bible: “xxx (name your favorite idea) was dropped from the Bible because the church leaders were hostile to it.” Let’s talk […]

The Sea is Dead, but the Scrolls Aren’t

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It’s amusing sometimes, to see what lengths people go to in order to attack things they don’t believe in. In the case of Christianity, they often use strange interpretations of the Dead Sea Scrolls. You remember them? They were found near the ruins of Qumran, and there has been a project going since the late […]

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