Good. Evil. Bratwurst.


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Getting involved with a site, as part of a team. The overall coding and structure for this site, something I am not responsible for, is tag soup; my skin crawls a bit when I look at it. Should I let my name be listed on the credits? Harlan Ellison kept “Cordwainer Bird” around for just […]


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by Lev Grossman I really don’t remember when I’ve read a book that irritated me this much. I’m generally a sucker for old manuscript-based thrillers. Possibly it’s because I collect old books myself, but for whatever the reason, a search for old documents will generally find me coming along for the ride. So it’s no […]

If Pride truly goes before a fall ….

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……I’m in serious trouble. It was Youth Sunday yesterday, and traditionally the graduating seniors deliver the sermon. There were no graduating seniors in this year’s youth class, however, so they reached back to one from a prior class. The student they picked, Josh, graduated the last year I taught the youth class. I am so […]

Surface Tension

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A first novel from Christine Kling. Les Standiford, you should be ashamed of yourself. Mentioning Seychelle Sullivan in the same breath as John D [MacDonald] is a crime. I’ll admit I’m probably not a good judge of potential, and since it’s her first book maybe I should cut her some slack, but if John D […]

Double Sin

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Double Sin, published in 1961, is a collection of stories written by Dame Agatha Christie. The publication date puts it toward the end of her “dry period” where her books were more automatic writing than inventiveness, but don’t let the timing put you off. Many of the stories come from the very fertile earlier periods […]

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