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From the Greek Poly=many and Ticks=blood-sucking parasites. Seriously, open thoughts on the politics of the ages.

Choice, Echoes, and the Death of Discourse

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It began, as most insights do, as a comedy routine. Noel Paul Stookey did a riff on the self-centeredness of our culture, beginning with the magazine “Life” which was expansive and covered all of life, then “People” which had a narrower focus, then “Us”, which covered people, but not them, only us. (The routine was […]

Mixed Emotions

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OK, not all that mixed, but still…. Fannie Mae hit a little trouble recently with a contractor. I’m glad they caught him in time. But…

The Patience Problem

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The election is over. The campaign was the easy part. Gary Kasparov’s new editorial, though, underscores the biggest problem our freshly-minted President will have to face. It’s not the economy, or the war, or terrorism, or taxes, or the deficit; these all look simple when compared with the real problem. The shortage of patience.

A Tale of Two Cities

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OK, the election is upon us. It’s the only time our government is required by law to listen to us, yet so few of us take advantage of it. One reason may be the success of negative campaign ads. According to the latest numbers from the University of Wisconsin’s Advertising Project (and injecting my own […]

Fifth Amendment

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I’ve got some real mixed emotions about the Boucher decision. I mean, I’m all in favor of the Fifth Amendment. I think it’s necessary to preserve our liberties, especially today when the federal government seems intent on taking them away in the name of security. I just don’t see any sort of meaningful difference between […]

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