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Thoughts on human approaches to God

No, The Customer Isn’t Always Right

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It’s axiomatic these days — The Customer Is Always Right. You’ll hear from all sorts of customer service gurus. But it isn’t true, and you need to realize that. What brought it home to me was recently re-hearing a radio interview from a decade ago. Twelve Years As A Slave was a big movie, won […]

Speaking Too Soon

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Just a few weeks after Time magazine writes about Exposing the “Jesus’ Brother” Hoax we get treated to this: the trial judge in the alleged forgery case recommended the prosecution, um, “reassess its position.” (Jerusalem Post / San Francisco Chronicle) What both of these stories omit is that one of the “experts” who claimed “the […]

A Tragic Story

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Joel Johnson writes a familiar but sad story. Malfeasance from a pastor drove him out of Christianity. He’s not alone; writer Sue Monk Kidd tells a tragically similar story. I’m absolutely certain the two are not alone in their experience. And they pose a conundrum, to believers and to those who have left because of […]

OK, Ben, Here’s Your Sign

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When I saw this, I just couldn’t help myself. Lift and enjoy, Dr Witherington!

The Gospel Code

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I don’t like books “exposing” flaws in The DaVinci Code, if for no other reason than they display a lack of sportsmanship. Finding errors in that book is like fishing at a trout farm; the only real question is how many minutes will it take to catch one. That having been said, I’d like to […]

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