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The Trouble With Silos

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I have a problem with books. The major symptom of this problem is I have too many. I love the feel of them, everything about them. I have a disease — it’s called bibliophilia. But I’m learning to cope with it. Slowly I have learned to differentiate between the words on the page and the […]

Leaving me behind

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It occurred to me as I was wandering through a local bookshop that was undergoing a management change: the local bookstores have decided, apparently, that I’m no longer a customer worth having. They were in the process of selling off all the old inventory of the former owner, soon to be replaced with “books we […]

On the Folly of Personality Tests

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I always view personality tests with a jaundiced eye. They remind me of the story of the college professor who told his students he would like to write their horoscope for them: he took their information and the next time class met, he handed out the workups he’d done for each of them. He asked […]

Algis Budrys (1931-2008)

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Just read in Locus about the death of Algis Budrys. Ruined what was promising to be a perfectly good day. Some will write about how good of an editor he was. And there will the obligatory homages to Rogue Moon and Who?, his classics in the genre. All of that will be covered by others […]

Bengta Wu

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Picked up an old book in my library last night, and a bunch of memories came flooding back. The book was Marked Man by Harry Carmichael, a mystery, and I thought of Bengta Wu. Bengta Wu was a bookseller. I never met the person, so I can’t tell you anything about him or her, but […]

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