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She’s going

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Antonella Pavese is leaving IT. She explains why: What I found frustrating is not so much the exclusion from the boy’s club–although there is definitely some of that–but rather the excessive emphasis on speed rather than quality (for a different take on this issue, see Alan Key on the disappointing lack of new and revolutionary […]


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Recently we celebrated Independence Day. I was distracted by other problems from doing my usual bit in honor of the day. (My sincere apologies, milady Liberty; I may yet get back to it, albeit late.) But as I was doing my annual bit of reflection on this land I love so much, London was bombed […]


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Sara Paretsky has a way. She has a way of creating characters you enjoy being around, and a way of creating characters you want to avoid being around. She has a way of making them speak as if they were in the room with you. She has a way with plotting, and a way with […]

End of the Postal Era?

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Overheard at lunch: 4 of the young darling set who had no idea what the acronym SWAK means. (Sealed With A Kiss, if you’re among them.)

Teeth of the Tiger

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Tom Clancy answers the question “What’s next?” It’s hard to have an action hero that gets constant Secret Service protection, so it was fairly obvious that former president Jack Ryan was finished as a protagonist for his books. I saw a few tentative starts with some net police stories and some other stuff, but nothing […]

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