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CSS Reset

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Eric Meyer recently posted an update to his CSS reset file, and that plus other commentaries I’ve been reading made me ask the obvious question: Why? I know the logic behind it, I’m just not sure I buy into it wholeheartedly. Why add yet another file, yet another http request to the pages? I’m serious. […]

Writing, the anti-nebulizer

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Been processing some thoughts about CSS files and workstyles, and I think they’re about to bubble up and out. They’re still a bit inchoate (nice word, that; I learned it from a comic book back in my adolescence, so take that you literature snobs!) but I generally need to type them out in order to […]

Hacking into Joomla 1.5

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Managed to clear most of the table cruft out of 1.5, only the content component to go. That one will be non-trivial but possible, nonetheless. I’ve been wrestling with a view other ideas along the way. The first is a question born out of frustration: Why do I have to do this? The Joomla developers […]

Deep Sigh, Joomla still loves tables

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The next version of Joomla has hit RC2, and it’s still addicted to tables for design. How long will it be before they stop pretending they know what the end design is going to need, and just pass the content out to the view and let the view logic do what it’s supposed to do? […]

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