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What I Did To The Jasmine Phantom

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Being a continuation of the saga began in Jasmine And The Headless Webkit. OK, after the last installment I had a working in-browser test runner (standalone Jasmine) and a working command-line test runner (phantom-jasmine). But they were different files, meaning if anything significant changed, I was going to have to duplicate the changes in two […]

The story of Jasmine and the Headless Webkit

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No, I’m not hitting Halloween early. There’s nothing about pumpkins involved here. I’m talking about testing your javascript. I’m talking sane development practice, not ghost stories. I’d been using jsTestDriver for a while, but got tired of the way it would take off and go navel-gazing without warning, so I looked for something else and […]

Anatomy of a Surprise

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So, here I was, working WorldCon (Chicon7) as usual when this nugget gets dropped on me. “Ron Donachie is here and wants to help. Where can you use him?” This is interesting. Ron Donachie played Ser Rodrik Cassel on Game Of Thrones, the hot HBO series from the series of books by George R. R. […]

The Meaning Of Words

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Sometimes, words mean much more than we might think to the person we speak them to. And last far longer. This one’s for you, Lee. It was nearing the end of the arrival day at a large convention some years back. The identity of the convention is irrelevant to my point, so I’ll neither name […]

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