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A Matter of Will

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Just finished working in Program Operations for the latest WorldCon (Renovation) and started planning for the next one, in Chicago, when I’m running the department. Not because I’m going to do it so much differently (let’s face it, when you learn from the best, there’s not a lot of ways to improve on it) but […]

Postel’s Law and Human Interaction

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Back in the day, the unutterably brilliant Jon Postel framed what will forever be known as “Postel’s Law:” Be conservative in what you emit, and liberal in what you accept. It stems from RFC 761, and it was originally intended to guide the creation of computer-computer interactions. In a nutshell, the law describes the nature […]

Just Not Git-ing It

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Phil Taylor recently tried to get up close and personal with git. He ran into difficulties, in no small part because he treated git like subversion, which it decidedly isn’t. So in the interests of helping out anyone else out there with the same idea, that of wanting to try out something new in hopes […]

Talk Radio Comes to Open Source

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I’ve been noticing a depressing trend among some contributors to OS projects. More and more I’m seeing people deliberately saying and doing outrageous things, and then excusing their behavior under the guise “I had to to that to make a point,” or some similar trash. The idea itself isn’t new, talking heads on TV and […]

Customizing Safari Reader

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OK, so the new Safari (version 5) is out, and it includes a “reader” feature that’s been taking some heat. The complaints are justified — what it does to links is insufficient for some vision-impaired users, and justified text looks horrible without good hypenation, which Safari doesn’t do, just to name the two most obvious. […]

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