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Observations on the lack of art in technology today

The story of Jasmine and the Headless Webkit

Filed under: General,Technology,Web Design— arlen@ 3:10 pm

No, I’m not hitting Halloween early. There’s nothing about pumpkins involved here. I’m talking about testing your javascript. I’m talking sane development practice, not ghost stories. I’d been using jsTestDriver for a while, but got tired of the way it would take off and go navel-gazing without warning, so I looked for something else and […]

Choose Your Own Coding Adventure?

Filed under: General,Technology— arlen@ 1:01 pm

You remember the Choose Your Own Adventure series? You’d read a paragraph or two, then be presented with a question, the answer determining which of several pages you’d turn to in order to continue the story. I may be giving too much credit to Mike Stackpole, Rick Loomis and the rest of the crew at […]

Ruby 1.9 and Nginx on FreeBSD

Filed under: General,Technology— arlen@ 8:10 pm

Noticed some, um, interesting, gotchas when setting up ruby 1.9 and the nginx web server on FreeBSD. The issue with the ruby install is subtle, and doesn’t really show up until long after you have installed it. The issue is it points the gem repository to the wrong place. It points the gem repository to […]

Getting Rails 3.0.3/Nginx/Passenger Up On Dreamhost VPS

Filed under: General,Technology,Web Design— arlen@ 3:12 pm

(Edited 2001/10/24 to add apache notes at end.) Rails isn’t always an easy proposition on Dreamhost, and this was no exception. BTW, this is *not* the rvm version. I wanted to get the Dreamhost default setup working before I started playing with rvm. I’ll probably post an rvm-related set of instructions later. In this case, […]

Lemme Get This Straight

Filed under: General,Technology— arlen@ 5:06 pm

More and more I hear the refrain that as a developer you can “circumvent” Apple’s AppStore and “walled garden” by developing web apps for iOS devices. I even hear Apple and Steve Jobs positioned as wanting to “destroy the web” with their focus on “native apps.” That their “focus on native apps” is “splintering the […]

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