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A plague on both your houses

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Why I don’t trust John Kerry. Why I don’t trust George Bush. I wish I had a real candidate I could vote for, rather than against. I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. More than any others, this election I know I’m going to have to be voting one-handed; with the other […]

Sing A Song of Sixpence…

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…Pocket Full Of Rye. The latest in my re-visit with Dame Agathe Christie (I’m going back through Christie, in rough chronological order, depending upon availability of the hardcovers in local used book stores). It’s a Jane Marple, from Christie’s nursery rhyme period. Characterization? Be serious, this is Christie; only minimal characterization allowed. The plots, of […]

Oh My

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Teresa Nielsen Hayden points to an EBay auction that is almost heart-rending. Somebody who obviously has some trouble with self-editing is selling a manuscript, hoping to hit the Big Time financially. So far it appears he wants $150K(US), and the best offer he’s received as of the writing of this is a negative $698US (IOW, […]

We could have told them…

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…it wasn’t going to work. Southern California air traffic control turned their back on the local boys and installed a bunch of servers from Redmond. Techworld has the not altogether unexpected tale of the result. At least they were intelligent enough to know that you can’t count on Windows to run unassisted. They had an […]

Non-Aligned Wood

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The rules for the presidential “debates” have been agreed to, I see. All sorts of details agreed to — except, of course, the details that count. The room temperature, who has control of the thermostat — now that’s important. Also the height and placement of the podium, camera angles, may the candidates use their legs, […]

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