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Life in the Battleground

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Wisconsin’s a “battleground state” so everyone with a political axe to grind is swinging it my way. In the last 24 hours I’ve been called 15 times by political phone banks, from the Sierra Club to Right to Life. Along the way I’ve developed a few techniques for maintaining my sanity I’d like to share. […]

Fer Pete’s Sake

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Over on Electrolite, there’s a storm of outrage a-brewing. I have to admit, opening the blog up and seeing the address of my old high school rival was a bit of a gigglesnort, but the misinformation that was abounding within it and the comment thread started out by offending me, then left me laughing helplessly. […]

Hello, old friend.

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<Deep Sigh> Ran in to an old familiar-but-forgotten bug today. Caused by tables, currently inserted into the design unnecessarily by the OSCMS I was using. It has been so long since I’d worked with table-based designs I’d completely forgotten that when you style a table as width: 100% IE/Win decides that you mean more than […]

He’s at it again

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My favorite oversimplifier, Jakob Nielsen is At It Again. This time it’s computer security. As usual, there’s some meat in the soup. Computer security should be easier for normal people to set up. He uses the analogy of locking a car. That level of security for a computer should be trivially easy for a user […]

Life changes

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…when you have a child. Jeff Zeldman is finding that out. I remember well the first day I met my oldest child. I was prepared, I’d had more than 9 months to think about the idea, get used to it, plan for it — but it didn’t matter. The man who picked up those seven […]

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