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OK, spammer, you can stop now

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There’s a pretty consistent spammer attacking the blog right now. I may have to turn off all comments if he acquires a clue or two, but so far I’ve got him under control. Spammer, if you’re reading this, I’m not going to let you subvert this blog just to prey on suckers. Trust me, you […]

Customer Disservice pt 3

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Had a brain wave this Christmas. My son-in-law is still a bit of an enigma to me (heck, so is his wife, in many ways, and I spent 20 years with her) so buying presents is a stretch. Oh, I could buy off his Amazon list, but that takes all the fun out of present […]

Doing Everything

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Thomas Roessler goes off on a rant because Apple isn’t providing a way to download from an iPod. Never mind that iPodDownload is widely available; no, that doesn’t count because Apple didn’t write it. Personally, I think it’s foolish to insist that the hardware builders are the only proper source for software. I phrased it […]

Roller Coaster

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In the warm afterglow of Christmas, while my oldest was putting together the CSI puzzle (complete with UV light) that was the hit of her Christmas, I decided to checkmy email. Reggie White is dead, and Dave Locke is in a coma. Reggie was one of the finest defensive lineman ever to play the game […]

Second Christmas

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First Christmas is over with, second one is coming. Second, you ask? My youngest is bringing my grandson and his father up from Arizona, and we’ll have another Christmas with them tonight. One is splendid, two is nothing short of magnificent.

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