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In Defence of Books

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Within sight of my desk is an abundance of printed matter. Including magazines, a conservative estimate is a bit over 3000 items. Limit the count solely to books, and we’re still talking around 2000. There are floor-to-ceiling shelves on two walls, with three other free-standing shelves, plus a double-decker closet shelf. (I have a button […]

Progress Report

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OK, so I gave in and tried it One More Time. I succumbed to the temptation, after a little encouragement from Saint Hellen herself. Desk surface 60% clear which, given a 17″ monitor, two (non-tower) computers, a printer/scanner, and a day planner is about all I figure is realistic to expect. Floor surface 50%+, and […]

White Death

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I go now to dance with the White Death. 5-7 inches on the eve of my tournament. I love Wisconsin!

Now Playing

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Brain Sludge, by the infrangible Bill Roper. And he looks like such a nice man, too! (I’d point to the lyrics, but Bill hasn’t posted them anywhere.) And let me give a shout to Filk Radio while I’m at it. Especially made for those who like their music on wry. (If you have iTunes, you […]


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by Jonathan Kellerman. This is the second Alex Delaware mystery I’ve read (the first being The Web. Kellerman’s books aren’t really “whodunits.” as they don’t play by those rules. They’re more “novels of suspense.” There’s no real puzzle to solve, as you can generally keep up with the sleuth’s knowledge through the entire book, and […]

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