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A Tragic Story

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Joel Johnson writes a familiar but sad story. Malfeasance from a pastor drove him out of Christianity. He’s not alone; writer Sue Monk Kidd tells a tragically similar story. I’m absolutely certain the two are not alone in their experience. And they pose a conundrum, to believers and to those who have left because of […]

Animadversions on Targeting

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The current issue of A List Apart has an article by Aaron Gustafson, one of those brave articles that is sure to cause a storm of un- and mis-informed comment. It’s a real attempt to solve a problem, and one that shows more than a little bravery. Eric Meyer’s reply (published side-by-side in a point/not-quite-counterpoint […]

Languages Are Languages

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I’ve created a new web design project as a giant learning experience. As a result, I’m making progress learning simultaneously a new language (Ruby) and a new framework (you guessed it, Rails). I like learning new programming languages; To be honest I’ve lost track of how many this makes, but it’s over 20 now. I […]

Interesting Quirk

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Just ran into an interesting quirk with Inman positioning. I was using it with Safari 3, and noticed the same bug in Firefox while testing. I loaded the javascript file in the document head and when the document started to load,, apparently it loaded a document and triggered the script before the body had […]

Fifth Amendment

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I’ve got some real mixed emotions about the Boucher decision. I mean, I’m all in favor of the Fifth Amendment. I think it’s necessary to preserve our liberties, especially today when the federal government seems intent on taking them away in the name of security. I just don’t see any sort of meaningful difference between […]

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