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Leaving me behind

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It occurred to me as I was wandering through a local bookshop that was undergoing a management change: the local bookstores have decided, apparently, that I’m no longer a customer worth having. They were in the process of selling off all the old inventory of the former owner, soon to be replaced with “books we […]

Testing, A Developer’s POV

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When do you test, how do you test, why do you test? Or even do you test? The answers to the first two questions are: “all the time,” and “as completely as possible.” The third question has several, longer, answers. And if you answered “No” to the last question, perhaps those answers will be of […]

On Planners

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I’ve tried them all, even tried building my own, either from from other people’s templates or my own. I just can’t seem to make them work. It’s no doubt just a personal failing. The common wisdom for them is what I call the “Highlander Principle” — there must be only one. It just doesn’t work […]

On the Folly of Personality Tests

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I always view personality tests with a jaundiced eye. They remind me of the story of the college professor who told his students he would like to write their horoscope for them: he took their information and the next time class met, he handed out the workups he’d done for each of them. He asked […]

Testing and PHP

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Was talking to folks from a local agency (which shall remain nameless, but has initials) the other day, and the conversation came to development practices. I asked what kind of automated testing they were doing, and was met by a series of blank stares; their testing procedure amounted to “load it up in a browser […]

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