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Jason Nails It

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I have to admit, Twitter’s been one of my guilty pleasures. Every time I fire my client up, I ask myself why I’m doing it. But I do it all the same. It’s not that lots of good information comes in that way. Still less that I get to read deathless prose. Let’s face it, […]

They just don’t get it

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I’ve been hearing from more people after the new MS ad campaign (you know, the one where MS pays an actress to cleverly make the point that the reason you buy a Windows laptop is because you can’t afford a Mac?) claiming Apple should license OS X to cheap Dell/HP machines for the low end […]

The Trouble With Silos

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I have a problem with books. The major symptom of this problem is I have too many. I love the feel of them, everything about them. I have a disease — it’s called bibliophilia. But I’m learning to cope with it. Slowly I have learned to differentiate between the words on the page and the […]

Marketers and Liars

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Seth Godin states the obvious in a recent post. That’s not a knock on him; it needs stating and restating and restating yet again, until the penny finally drops, or they take delivery from the Clue Train. Slimy marketers and sharp operators have fatally poisoned the environment for the rest. That particular ecosystem can no […]

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