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Reactive Layout, pt 2, The Beginning

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OK, so you think you understand the four principles from last time. How do you build with them? First, Catch Your Rabbit The old saw applies to far more than cooking. Your website is meant to contain content. Yes, that seems obvious, but if it’s so obvious why do so many start designing before there […]

Defensive Design For HTML5

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Been doing some playing around in the world of HTML5, and I have to say I like it. The biggest problem with it seems to be the near-total lack of support from IE. I suppose in some part this stems from politics; after all, Google is the biggest supporter of HTML5, and the Apple and […]

Reactive Layout part 1, The Principles

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I’ve been rethinking my approach to web design starting from First Principles going forward, and I think it’s coherent enough to be exposed to the public. Before I begin, I think I ought to tell you what it’s not. It’s not a checklist. I don’t believe in checklists for anyone beyond the apprentice stage in […]

MooTools First Impression

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I’ve been getting more Joomla work thrown at me these days (one of the nice things, from a professional’s POV, about the Joomla community is there are so many amateurs building Joomla sites there’s never a shortage of installations that need fixed) so I decided I needed to get more familiar with MooTools, the javascript […]

Newspapers, Google, and Ads

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I sit here listening to yet another newspaper struggling with the idea of ceasing to publish the dead-trees version, and I get depressed. Not because I think there’s something noble being lost, or that there’s something special about the feel of newsprint (I do, but that’s not what gets me down). What depresses me is […]

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