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No, The Customer Isn’t Always Right

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It’s axiomatic these days — The Customer Is Always Right. You’ll hear from all sorts of customer service gurus. But it isn’t true, and you need to realize that. What brought it home to me was recently re-hearing a radio interview from a decade ago. Twelve Years As A Slave was a big movie, won […]

My 15 Minutes

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So, my guest shot on Ruby Rogues is now in the can. I didn’t do as well as I would have liked. Was it nerves, or the 100-degree fever I was running at the time? More than likely it was that I simply prepared for the wrong discussion. It’s nobody’s fault but my own; it’s […]

Why I Like Mongrels

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Given the recent BritRuby brew-up and the associated wailing and gnashing of teeth, I think it’s appropriate to put my own thoughts forward on this topic. While I’ve not organized a technical conference (yet) I’ve been the sole organizer of chess events catering to areas spanning a single city up to a full hemisphere, and […]

Patterns of Understanding

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I wrote a little while ago about the advisability of teaching software patterns to beginning developers as well as experienced ones. But it occurs to me there’s reason for doing it that I may not have covered completely. I’m going to take as my starting point Donald Knuth’s idea that the main task in software […]

On Chess and Software Development

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Or, In Defense Of Software Patterns. I was listening to Ruby Rogues podcast episode #56 when the discussion turned to software patterns, and my teeth started grinding. It wasn’t so much about what was said (though there were enough of those moments, to be sure) as about what was implied or left unsaid. With one […]

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