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You Know What’s Depressing?

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A recent issue of The Writer contains an aricle by Brian Sousa about reading your writing aloud in order to find mistakes (an admirable practice, I might add, especially for checking dialog). I stopped reading when I came to: Perhaps they were noticieable only to me, but there were sentences, even whole paragraphs, that when […]

The Gospel Code

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I don’t like books “exposing” flaws in The DaVinci Code, if for no other reason than they display a lack of sportsmanship. Finding errors in that book is like fishing at a trout farm; the only real question is how many minutes will it take to catch one. That having been said, I’d like to […]

Are You Kidding Me?

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I was told I had to pick up a copy of Mary Higgins Clark’s My Gal Sunday, by people who insisted it was the best husband/wife team since Nick and Nora Charles. Not even close.


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…, a book by Robert J Sawyer, was the latest to leave its imprint on the wall. You know how it is, the story is going along nicely, you’re getting in to the characters when suddently the author slips, and destroys the illusion that he’s been building up and that you’ve been enjoying. You want […]

Da Vinci

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I suppose I should mention something about the Da Vinci Code, as everyone else seems to be getting drawn in, so here I go. It’s a well-written thriller, in general, but the historical research is amazingly shoddy. As fiction, I’d give it a B, but if he submitted the “research” behind it as a term […]

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