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Nines and Out

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Just finished To The Nines by Janet Evanovich. The first and last book of the series (I did another in the sequence as abridged audio on my recent trip to Phoenix; I did the book to check the real series.) Evanovich has a way with dialogue. Her plots are more from the thriller genre than […]


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Sara Paretsky has a way. She has a way of creating characters you enjoy being around, and a way of creating characters you want to avoid being around. She has a way of making them speak as if they were in the room with you. She has a way with plotting, and a way with […]

Teeth of the Tiger

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Tom Clancy answers the question “What’s next?” It’s hard to have an action hero that gets constant Secret Service protection, so it was fairly obvious that former president Jack Ryan was finished as a protagonist for his books. I saw a few tentative starts with some net police stories and some other stuff, but nothing […]

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

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The rise of the mega-book. Susanna Clarke’s first novel has a good sales run at the moment, and it’s up for Hugo. With some difficulty, I read it. Well, perhaps “read it” is too strong a term. At several points along the way, my eyes frankly glazed over, and I skipped pages. An actual page […]


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by Lev Grossman I really don’t remember when I’ve read a book that irritated me this much. I’m generally a sucker for old manuscript-based thrillers. Possibly it’s because I collect old books myself, but for whatever the reason, a search for old documents will generally find me coming along for the ride. So it’s no […]

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