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Thoughts on human approaches to God


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…, a book by Robert J Sawyer, was the latest to leave its imprint on the wall. You know how it is, the story is going along nicely, you’re getting in to the characters when suddently the author slips, and destroys the illusion that he’s been building up and that you’ve been enjoying. You want […]

Da Vinci

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I suppose I should mention something about the Da Vinci Code, as everyone else seems to be getting drawn in, so here I go. It’s a well-written thriller, in general, but the historical research is amazingly shoddy. As fiction, I’d give it a B, but if he submitted the “research” behind it as a term […]

Feeling Useless

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At my father-in-law’s for his 90th birthday bash, but with my left hand rendered inoperable by my table saw and my right side impaired by a strained neck muscle, I got to feeling mighty useless. And that, in turn got me thinking in general about the question of the value of a man. I’m not […]


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“I bid good-by to a friend last night,” she said through her tears in the morning. “I loved him well, and he loved me, but he is gone today and will not return.” Why? We sought for an answer to the question, “Why?” “The question is vexed,” said the first. “There is no ‘why.’ There […]

Addicted To Mediocrity

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This book by Frankie (son of Francis) Schaffer isn’t a new one, and it isn’t new to me. But I went back and reread it a little while ago. It makes some very good and very interesting points. Frankie isn’t the thinker his father is, but who is? His main point is that Christians are […]

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