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Scary Thought

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Some naive folks from Utah invited me to join their concom recently. They were bidding on the World Horror Convention. We got the bid! Have patience. It’s a new site and we just got the bid for 2008, so there’s a lot of decisions that are just now being made. I’d tip you off to […]

Unpacking the Con

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Just worked Program Ops for the recent NASFic, CascadiaCon, and I’m home, tired but happy. Starngely enough, I really like working conventions, and working with this group was a new experience, and a good one. Miriah and her support team from ISS worked heroically, and thanks largely to them I actually looked like I was […]

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

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The rise of the mega-book. Susanna Clarke’s first novel has a good sales run at the moment, and it’s up for Hugo. With some difficulty, I read it. Well, perhaps “read it” is too strong a term. At several points along the way, my eyes frankly glazed over, and I skipped pages. An actual page […]

The dilution of a word

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I know, it’s foolish to think of the Sci-Fi Channel as actually accurate, but I’m really getting depressed over the number of times the term “science fiction” is abused. The latest instance apparently includes horror and fantasy. This is just silly. I suspect, however, it just is keeping in step with the general erosion of […]

Saint Vidicon to the Rescue

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I have to admit, the cover painting played a part in my purchase of this book. One of the rare times that has occurred, because it’s been my experience that most cover paintings seem to be done by an artist who has read (or at least paid attention to) little more than the title of […]

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