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Brain Sludge, by the infrangible Bill Roper. And he looks like such a nice man, too! (I’d point to the lyrics, but Bill hasn’t posted them anywhere.) And let me give a shout to Filk Radio while I’m at it. Especially made for those who like their music on wry. (If you have iTunes, you […]


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The Cat is bemoaning conversations with someone who doesn’t believe in evolution. It’s a topic I’ve grown tired of “debating” on the net, but I’ll visit it One More Time, in the hope that perhaps I can shed some light. A big problem, as evidenced by the comment thread, is that both sides never tire […]

The Language Of Power

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This is the fourth book in the “Steerswoman” series from Rosemary Kirstein. I’ve not read the entire series so I can’t comment on it in detail as a whole. (I found “The Outskirter’s Secret” and read it a few years ago, but never found the first book in the sequence, and the third, “The Lost […]

Roller Coaster

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In the warm afterglow of Christmas, while my oldest was putting together the CSI puzzle (complete with UV light) that was the hit of her Christmas, I decided to checkmy email. Reggie White is dead, and Dave Locke is in a coma. Reggie was one of the finest defensive lineman ever to play the game […]

Creaking Gate

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Freedom’s Gate by Naomi Krivitz is the next up. It was part of the recent WorldCon swag, and while it was above-average for the books that get handed out there for free, I’m not sure I’ll continue with the series. I can’t really say why, either, which bothers me. Usually if a book leaves me […]

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