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Observations on the lack of art in technology today

Lies and Marketing

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Lee Brimelow made this wonderful post ridiculing the iPad’s lack of flash. Only one problem with it. It’s a lie. And that’s a problem. Apparently, he made those wonderful claims of his without ever once checking the reality of them. Most of those sites that supposedly don’t show anything, actually do. As this set of […]

Why don’t they test?

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I’ve heard from some more developers on the subject of testing, who claim they aren’t allowed to do unit testing because there isn’t time. I’m not blaming the developers here, but their management for being just plain stupid. An elementary analysis of the question proves just how wrongheaded they are. The first question to ask […]

Some Capistrano Recipes for Radiant

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I’ve been dipping my toes into the Radiant CMS lately (a side-effect of my love affair with Ruby on Rails) and have run into several interesting moments. On the assumption I’m not alone in that, I thought I’d share some of my favorite recipes for deploying a Radiant app to an Apache-Phusion Passenger combination. As […]

Why Is Online Advertising Different?

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Media Week writes about a new trend in online ads. The first question that occurs to me is: why? The complaint is that people aren’t seeing the ads on web pages, so the proposed solution is “don’t let them see the web page until after they see the ad.” My first reaction: Your only synapse […]

Cookies, the White House, and Ignorance

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I don’t usually get too involved with lunatic fringes, they’re not worth the hassle. But this one displays such rampant ignorance about my profession that it can actually make life harder, both for me and for you, but especially for me. So we’ll take it slow and simple, just to keep things clear. And we’ll […]

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