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Observations on the lack of art in technology today

Why Would Anyone Agree To Pay-Per-Click?

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(Arfandia claims I’m an affiliate. I’m not. They lie.) Events in the publishing industry (newspaper and book) have made me give more thought to web advertising models, and there’s one model I just don’t get. Why would any website operator with two functioning synapses agree to an ad rate based on clicks or click-throughs? It […]

How Code Imitates Chess

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or, How Google Got It Wrong. Recently, Google announced how you should speed up your PHP. They got it wrong, virtually on every point. And not just by a little; subsequent testing showed one of their “improvements” actually resulted in code that took twice as long to execute! How could this happen? Maybe being a […]

MooTools First Impression

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I’ve been getting more Joomla work thrown at me these days (one of the nice things, from a professional’s POV, about the Joomla community is there are so many amateurs building Joomla sites there’s never a shortage of installations that need fixed) so I decided I needed to get more familiar with MooTools, the javascript […]

Newspapers, Google, and Ads

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I sit here listening to yet another newspaper struggling with the idea of ceasing to publish the dead-trees version, and I get depressed. Not because I think there’s something noble being lost, or that there’s something special about the feel of newsprint (I do, but that’s not what gets me down). What depresses me is […]

Jason Nails It

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I have to admit, Twitter’s been one of my guilty pleasures. Every time I fire my client up, I ask myself why I’m doing it. But I do it all the same. It’s not that lots of good information comes in that way. Still less that I get to read deathless prose. Let’s face it, […]

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