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The [Sorry] State of Web Design

Customizing Safari Reader

Filed under: General,Technology,Web Design— arlen@ 11:14 am

OK, so the new Safari (version 5) is out, and it includes a “reader” feature that’s been taking some heat. The complaints are justified — what it does to links is insufficient for some vision-impaired users, and justified text looks horrible without good hypenation, which Safari doesn’t do, just to name the two most obvious. […]

Missing the Point

Filed under: General,Web Design— arlen@ 12:10 am

Giorgio Sironi writes about (among other things)his first experience with Rails over at Web Builder Zone: class Post < ActiveRecord::Baseend Oh thanks, now I’m enlightened. No fields, no scope, no getters or setters. What is going on here? Where is the business logic? It’s a common enough reaction from Rails newcomers, but it completely misses […]

Frameworks over CMS’s

Filed under: General,Technology,Web Design— arlen@ 12:34 pm

I gave a presentation recently at Web414 that promoted the idea that frameworks were the future of web development. The presentation didn’t go well (It started its slide downhill when I realized too late there would be no way to show my slides. I switched to a more interactive, discussion-oriented presentation, which of course I […]

Lies and Marketing

Filed under: General,Technology,Web Design— arlen@ 11:57 pm

Lee Brimelow made this wonderful post ridiculing the iPad’s lack of flash. Only one problem with it. It’s a lie. And that’s a problem. Apparently, he made those wonderful claims of his without ever once checking the reality of them. Most of those sites that supposedly don’t show anything, actually do. As this set of […]

Some Capistrano Recipes for Radiant

Filed under: General,Technology,Web Design— arlen@ 8:45 am

I’ve been dipping my toes into the Radiant CMS lately (a side-effect of my love affair with Ruby on Rails) and have run into several interesting moments. On the assumption I’m not alone in that, I thought I’d share some of my favorite recipes for deploying a Radiant app to an Apache-Phusion Passenger combination. As […]

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