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The [Sorry] State of Web Design

Reactive Layout, Dealing With the Window

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One of the first things our layout will have to deal with is window size. Designs too wide for the window frustrate users as they scroll left and right, but designs too narrow can also be frustrating, as they string boxes out vertically, when they would fit on screen. What to do, what to do? […]

Why Is Online Advertising Different?

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Media Week writes about a new trend in online ads. The first question that occurs to me is: why? The complaint is that people aren’t seeing the ads on web pages, so the proposed solution is “don’t let them see the web page until after they see the ad.” My first reaction: Your only synapse […]

Why Would Anyone Agree To Pay-Per-Click?

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(Arfandia claims I’m an affiliate. I’m not. They lie.) Events in the publishing industry (newspaper and book) have made me give more thought to web advertising models, and there’s one model I just don’t get. Why would any website operator with two functioning synapses agree to an ad rate based on clicks or click-throughs? It […]

How Code Imitates Chess

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or, How Google Got It Wrong. Recently, Google announced how you should speed up your PHP. They got it wrong, virtually on every point. And not just by a little; subsequent testing showed one of their “improvements” actually resulted in code that took twice as long to execute! How could this happen? Maybe being a […]

Reactive Layout, pt 2, The Beginning

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OK, so you think you understand the four principles from last time. How do you build with them? First, Catch Your Rabbit The old saw applies to far more than cooking. Your website is meant to contain content. Yes, that seems obvious, but if it’s so obvious why do so many start designing before there […]

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