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Debating the debaters

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Third debate is now history. From the appearance of the two debaters, it certainly looked like GW thought his back was up against the wall. He looked and sounded desperate when not answering some of the questions. JFK, on the other hand, for the most part looked calm and reasonable while not answering the questions. […]

Customer Disservice, Pt 2

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OK, this time I’ll give URL’s, because the sites promise to be helpful, they just apparently hate the equipment I’m using. I’m having repairs done to my car, at the moment, which will take it out of action for a couple of weeks. So I need to look for a temporary, and perhaps permanent, replacement. […]

Customer Disservice, Pt 1

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Went looking for a light bulb. Oh, not just any light bulb, but a dimmable compact flourescent. Yes, they exist, despite the fact that everyone up to and including Home Depot tells me they don’t. I know they exist, because I have one, and I want more. So I find that GE makes one, and […]

Ain’t deadlines Grand?

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As Douglas Adams once said, “I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” Sorry about the absence. Had my head down for a while.

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