Good. Evil. Bratwurst.


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The new machine has been purchased. Since I’m a bit anal about starting fresh with each new computer, it’ll take me a couple of days to have it up and functional. If you’re curious, the “starting fresh” bit is more than simple habit, it actually accomplishes two very useful things for me: It makes sure […]

Designing in Daylight

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I know, I’m supposed to do this in the dark, then spring it on everyone as a brand new birth, but that just didn’t seem right. I mean we all are in need of the occasional redesign, aren’t we? And we can’t hide ourselves away until our metamorphosis is complete, can we? All of us […]

Step 1

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The software is updated. Step 2 will be a new template while I sit back and watch what happens.

Yeah, What He Said, Part 2

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Rands is usually good for something interesting, but this time he’s really on to something. In today’s world design is a part of development, and development is a part of design. You can’t effectively do one without knowing something about the other. If you’re a one-person shop, you have to do both at the same […]

Scary Thought

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Some naive folks from Utah invited me to join their concom recently. They were bidding on the World Horror Convention. We got the bid! Have patience. It’s a new site and we just got the bid for 2008, so there’s a lot of decisions that are just now being made. I’d tip you off to […]

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