Good. Evil. Bratwurst.


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Sometime back I read the words: So perhaps we should mute our cries of doom and speak, if not in tones of triumph then at least of hope—and courage. For those of you who have the urge to create still another fully realized world steeped in misery and horror resulting from 20th century stupidity—please try […]

A Good Reason to Say Good-bye.

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Been using Macromedia products, a lot. Started out with Freehand (BM, Before Macromedia, version 3 to be precise). Kept going to 10, then decided to go whole hog and went to Studio MX. One of the things I liked was MM’s “two-machine” license. I could have it on desktop and latop, without muss or fuss. […]

And While I’m on the Subject….

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I’ve rarely agreed with Rep. James Sensenbrenner; I was even upset when he became my congressman through redistricting. But through his encounters with the Bush White House, I’m gaining some respect for the man. And my respect is harder to earn than my agreement. He voted against his party and his president when he refused […]

A Pox On Both Your Houses

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Much has been made of Ann Coulter’s lastest screed. People have e-mailed some of the local talking heads insisting they denounce her. Charlie Sykes bluntly informs us it “isn’t his job”? to do that. Jessica McBride decides to be a bit more honest, and admit that she’s done the same thing to liberal writers, so […]


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It says here that Google is killing the economics of content, in the main because it makes it profitable to build a site with nothing buts ads. The disconnect for me is that the writer sounds as if that’s something new and different, something we haven’t had before, something that Google has recently enabled. Truth […]

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