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Are You Kidding Me?

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I was told I had to pick up a copy of Mary Higgins Clark’s My Gal Sunday, by people who insisted it was the best husband/wife team since Nick and Nora Charles. Not even close.


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…, a book by Robert J Sawyer, was the latest to leave its imprint on the wall. You know how it is, the story is going along nicely, you’re getting in to the characters when suddently the author slips, and destroys the illusion that he’s been building up and that you’ve been enjoying. You want […]

May I Have a Real Candidate, Please?

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The shrub is stopping by to promote his pet, Mark Green, for Governor. Which brought to mind the coming election, when I get to choose between a man who’s never seen a deficit he couldn’t support (Green) and a man who’s never seen a bribe, excuse me, campaign contribution, he wouldn’t take (James Doyle). This […]

They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore

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Mayors, I mean. This weekend we lost Frank Zeidler, and the occasion caused me to review the other mayors we’ve had since: Henry Maier, John Norquist, and Tom Barrett. Zeidler voluntarily walked away from office in 1960, after three four-year terms. It’s easy to lose track of what he accomplished looking through the mists, so […]

The Doctor is out.

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This one hurts. Just got word this morning that long-time fan rich brown died. I never met him face to face, something I was hoping to rectify and now will never have the chance. Our opinions and beliefs diverged more than they converged, which you might think was a good reason not to meet. But […]

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