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From the Greek Poly=many and Ticks=blood-sucking parasites. Seriously, open thoughts on the politics of the ages.

The Outpatients Are Out In Force, I See.

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Now this is strange. I’ll make no secret of this: I’m not one of Jessica McBride’s fans. You want proof? The first line of her comment is disgraceful. I’ve even gone so far as to speculate on when her last remaining synapse might die of loneliness. But there’s a line between disagreement, even strenuously enthusiastic […]

I saw a movie yesterday

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…and I remembered. I remembered a man from the past. I remembered a man who entered politics as a young man, but who grew and matured. A man who entered the Department of Justice at a time when that was a scarce commodity. An eager, enthusiastic young man who saw disappointment and loss, and grew. […]

Necrophilia. Sigh.

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Ann Althouse isn’t the only one that’s picked up on this story but I’ll single it out here just because she’s an easier target. (I would have simply added a comment to her blog, but she won’t let me). In a nutshell, three stupid kids thought it’d be fun to dig up a month-old corpse […]


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Nan Lee writes about Barack Obama: With those vote-leaking drawbacks, Obama looks like he’s worth it and could possibly bring it home. Nope. Not gonna happen. You see, Barack Obama has one very obvious drawback: he’s a Senator. In races for the White House, Governors rule. In the last century, the only times a Governor […]

Minimum Markup Insanity

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There’s a basic flaw in the minimum markup law here. To understand where I’m coming from, let me first say I’m in favor of minimum markups, in principal. They attempt to keep giant chains from undercutting local businesses, driving them out, and then raising prices back up. They don’t always succeed in that endeavor, but […]

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