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From the Greek Poly=many and Ticks=blood-sucking parasites. Seriously, open thoughts on the politics of the ages.

May I Have a Real Candidate, Please?

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The shrub is stopping by to promote his pet, Mark Green, for Governor. Which brought to mind the coming election, when I get to choose between a man who’s never seen a deficit he couldn’t support (Green) and a man who’s never seen a bribe, excuse me, campaign contribution, he wouldn’t take (James Doyle). This […]

They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore

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Mayors, I mean. This weekend we lost Frank Zeidler, and the occasion caused me to review the other mayors we’ve had since: Henry Maier, John Norquist, and Tom Barrett. Zeidler voluntarily walked away from office in 1960, after three four-year terms. It’s easy to lose track of what he accomplished looking through the mists, so […]

And While I’m on the Subject….

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I’ve rarely agreed with Rep. James Sensenbrenner; I was even upset when he became my congressman through redistricting. But through his encounters with the Bush White House, I’m gaining some respect for the man. And my respect is harder to earn than my agreement. He voted against his party and his president when he refused […]

A Pox On Both Your Houses

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Much has been made of Ann Coulter’s lastest screed. People have e-mailed some of the local talking heads insisting they denounce her. Charlie Sykes bluntly informs us it “isn’t his job”? to do that. Jessica McBride decides to be a bit more honest, and admit that she’s done the same thing to liberal writers, so […]


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OK, I’ll have to weigh in on the Cheney hunting fiasco. Let’s have some real perspective here. I can’t be the only one who thinks the reason this is such a major story is because the White House Press Corps has a knot in their collective shorts because the story was given first to a […]

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