Good. Evil. Bratwurst.


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OK, sonow I’ve seen a few episodes of the TV series based on Kathy Reichs’ books, what do I think?


First, ifyou’re expecting to see anything resembling the books, you’ll be disappointed. This Tempe Brennan also a Forensic Anthropologist, but that’s where the resemblance ends. This one seems to go out of her way to physically deck at least one person every show. There’s also more sex in the show than the books, and none of the supporting cast seems to have made it into the show intact, either.

The writing is incredibly spotty (one show Boreanz calls her”Bones” all the time with no issues, another everytime he does she snaps”Don’t call me bones!”). There are all the cliche characters and gags, nothing real in it at all. You might be watching Quincy reruns, except the plotting isn’t as good.

As a show about Temperance Brennen, it stinks. As a show about a forensic anthropologist, it’s no better than average, maybe worse. If you watch the show, my advice is to turn off your brain before you turn the show on; you’ll enjoy it more. The more you think about what you’re seeing, the worse the show will seem. If you have to watch TV, I suppose this is OK. But you’re better off reading any of Kathy Reichs’ books than watching it at all.

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