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I Was Right

Posted on by arlen

Nothing warms the cockles of an old curmudgeon’s heart as much as things like this.

While I stop now and spend a moment of silence in mourning for the loss of Scoble’s data (which is truly a despicable act, one for which Facebook should be shunned off the web) I can’t help but remember something I learned long ago:

“Never commit to entering a room until you know the way out.”

I stayed away from Facebook for precisely that reason. I could see a way in, but no good way out.

(And to think, I learned that lesson long before politicos ever learned the phrase “exit strategy.”)

Anyone who trusts their data to a corporation without having a second copy of it is a fool. Period. Facebook is just one more example of a group that wants to lock us in their trunk and take us where they want us to go.

And to think, Facebook not only stole Robert’s data (if you think that’s strong, what other term would you use for keeping something away from its legal owner?) but they did this after having the temerity to use his name and likeness in a Saturn ad (without either his knowledge or his permission, and without compensating him for it). I think Scoble should talk to GM about their buying Facebook for him as compensation for that particular act of theft.

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