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I Resign as the World’s Archivist

Posted on by arlen

I just filled a 30-gallon paper recycling tub with old magazines. Constitutes a bit of a breakthrough for me, personally. I’ve finally internalized the absolute fact that history does not depend upon my personal archives.

It’s part of a continual war on clutter that I’m engaged in. I’m in the process of reclaiming my house from the detritus of 15 years of living in it (and 50+ years of living, period). We’ve joked here in the manor that we would enter DIYNet’s America’s Biggest Packrat contest, but it wouldn’t be fair for professionals to compete with amateurs. (To put that comment in context, I’ll point out the 30 gallons of paper recycling came out of one closet in the manor, and the closet is still overfull, and even has some magazines left in it.

Through it all I’ve had one constant guiding question. “What Would Hellen Do?” I’ve had more imaginary conversations with Hellen Buttigieg than I can count. If you’re not familiar with her, check out her TV show, neat. (And if you’re not, it proves you haven’t been paying attention.)

Slowly I’m slouching towards a less-encumbered life. RPG collectors may want to keep an eye out; I was in that hobby almost when it started and I’ve got five boxes of material slated to go to auction as soon as I can clear enough space to take some decent photos of it.

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